Augmented Reality

Well, well, well! I attended several professional Development sessions while on prac and one was ‘Augmented Reality in the Classroom’.  I was so surprised to see drawings and pictures come to life in 3D.  It was very inspirational and I wish I was able to create something with my students using it.  The students are able to create their own- I still need to work on that.  MY oh my what is the educational world coming to? Its scary but exciting at the same time.


Professional Experience was a great experience.

Ive just completed 3 weeks of professional experience in a year 2 classroom.  At first I was so nervous that I would need to plan and teach for several hours each day and work up to teaching for full days.  By the third week I was very confident and managed the classroom behavior and time quite well.  The students responded to me in a positive manner and I was able to find what behavior management strategies I felt comfortable using and what did and didn’t work.  I found that the right language is especially useful in maintaining student engagement in tasks.  I often had to research language used so that I would not confuse the students.  I also found I learnt a lot!!! I hope my students participate in class better than I obviously did at that age.

Do I know enough?

Do I know enough to teach 24 grade 2 students effectively? This is a question Im asking myself more and more as prac is approaching.  I read another student ‘Rachael‘s blog today and she shared similar concerns.  Rachel mentioned that she did not know how prac students who have not been working in a school can possibly have enough understanding of what students need to know and asks have we been prepared enough.  I have not worked in a school as a teacher aide for many years now and I think its a disadvantage, working in a school or volunteering would definetly give a greater insight as to what is required as a teacher.  We are missing a lot of key ideas and methods of teaching that cannot be learnt through lectures and textbooks. Yes, that is what prac is for… However, prac is not just observing, we are to teach!  So I am very worried about the planning and teaching workload for this prac.  My first day I’m teaching mathematics with a focus on multiplication, sounds easy enough until I learn there are 7 abilities groups in which I need to adjust my lessons.  So rotational activities for 7 diverse groups of students for one hour.  Its a challenge because this does not give the students very long to interact and engage in their activity or learning.  It seems a little rushed.

In addition to this concern is how do I implement ICT’s?  My mentor thinks that because this is an ICT related course then I should know a lot about ICT. She seems to have high expectations, which is good to be challenged but frightening at the same time!

Goodluck all prac students! I think some of us are really going to need it.

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Prac is about to start and after communication with my prac teacher I now know that my first lesson is introducing the multiplication symbol to my year 2 class.  I need to refresh my mind with edx1280!!! Symbolic stage.  Through looking through resources I thought Id share a link to sparklebox

Although these resources are at the concrete materials stage I thought Id share for those who are teaching year 1 or for students who are not grasping the concept of multiplication.  The calculation resources include Arrays groups of bingo, repeated addition bingo and posters.  These are attractive resources and will help students to understand the concept of multiplication as repeated addition.


The journey so far with Diigo

Well it has been an interesting journey on my path towards the use of ICT’S.  I’ve had my entire laptop crash and needed a new HDD.  This meant that my laptop returned to me like a brand new one.  It was interesting when I realized one of the first things I felt a need to download was Diigo toolbar, it really is handy!!!  I was so pleased to see when I signed back in that all my favourite sites where still available.  Diigo really is beneficial to anyone studying and more importantly wanting to create lessons using resources and not having to think ‘what was the site again’.  My grade 5 son has recently completed a multimodal presentation using powerpoint on penguins.  First he was screen shooting information on his ipod but that made it really hard to go back and reference.  I introduced him to Diigo and it was a much easier and effective process.

Do Mobile Phones have a place in the classroom?

The story Im about to tell does not directly relate to my context of early childhood but may become a factor soon with the way technology is impacting our world.  I would like to tell you a story of an incident earlier in the week and reflect on whether mobile phones have a place within the classroom…… There was a year 8 Math lesson in progress, a female students mobile phone vibrated and when she checked her phone it was a call from her mother.  The student then asked the teacher if she may answer her phone as her mother never calls during school hours, the teacher said no.  The student then received a message from the mother asking her to please answer the phone as its urgent.  The student asked the teacher again, and sternly told no! The student then left the classroom without permission and called her mother back, the urgent issue was that her brother with learning difficulties (in the same year level) had went missing from this same school earlier that morning and no one was able to locate him.  The student then asked the teacher to speak with her parent on the phone who would explain what was going on.  The teacher refused and demanded the student hang up and take the phone to the school office.

Firstly, obviously the class was completely distracted by this incident and learning disrupted. There would be school and classroom rules on no use of mobile phones in the classroom during learning time.  However, is there room for special considerations such as a panicked parent as described above?

At first I thought the teacher was being insensitive to the students needs as her tone of voice and facial expression showed that she was very upset and worried, and there was no telephone in the classroom itself, the phone was done the hall in the centre of the building.  After thinking about it thou I’ve decided that the teacher was right to say no to the student answering the phone.  It caused the entire class learning to be disrupted, classroom rules to be broken and refusal to follow teachers instructions. I think the parent should have called the school office and request to speak with her daughter.

If students are permitted to have mobile phones within the classroom then I believe that will give opportunities for more distractions and outbursts within the classroom.

Progress and Professional Placement

Well it has been an interesting couple of weeks and I have discovered a range of different applications and sites that has made me quite excited to enter the world of discovering ICT’s to engage and scaffold my future students learning.  It’s as thou I have a lot of ideas of activities and experiences that I’d like to do with my students however, at the same time knowing how to successfully implement these is still a nail biting issue.  I agree with Pamela’s blog sharing resources for prac.  I too am quite nervous and kind of blind sited as to what and how I am going to use ICT’s on my prac.  Does anyone else feel like this?  I have been told my mentor is very experienced…. and I automatically thought ‘oh no she is probably very against the use of ICT’s’.  I really hope that I am wrong, I’m looking forward to meeting my mentor and developing an idea of her expectations and ideas on ICT’s in her classroom. 

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